EEE uses the power of data to bring extra value to our customers

Online, real-time, secure platform that collects and organizes field services data: work order procedures, test & maintenance results including historical visibility both in the field and with operations. 

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Test forms Forms are designed to collect test results from many test sets & instruments . Don’t see your form? Custom forms can be created for your specific need with new forms being added via our partner network.

Test Forms
  • Arresters
  • Batteries
  • Cables
  • Capacitors
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Contactors
  • DC Insulation
  • Ground
  • Meters
  • Misc
  • Recloser
  • Relay
  • Switches
  • Transformer
  • And More

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End to end intuitive and unique application design:

  • Developed using proven technologies so as not to complicate field testing with ridged applications:
  • Active and Archived test reports and forms are transformed from Word, PDF
  • PowerDB by Megger® Integration
  • Test forms and data collections are recorded with  no internet or  WiFi dependence
  • QR Codes liked to equipment ID and Asset management

IOT and artificial intelligence and monitoring cannot replace field inspection.

Field inspection has been the dominant approach. When partnering with the eGalvanic platforms you can augment that local expertise by extracting and storing technician knowledge, avoid key human risk and begin to leverage powerful cloud technologies that search, recall and learn patterns and anomalies.

Customer & NETA Tester Portals

eGalvanic provides an intuitive portal for customers, which gives them access to all information relevant to the maintenance management of their equipment. As well, eGalvanic provides a dedicated portal for NETA testers, with a complete overview regarding the equipment that requires maintenance or service, as well as related work orders, requests and schedules. With offline capabilities and a connection in real-time with the back- office systems, the information is always up-to-date.

The Importance of Maintenance


Maintenance provides that basis for the data eGalvanic’s platform organizes and collects. Without the real time maintenance and field technicians testimony or unique platform would serve no purpose