Importance of Electrical Maintenance 

 Cutting maintenance costs to meet budget constraints; does the math work?

“The average cost of downtime is $5,600 per minute. Because there are so many differences in how businesses operate, downtime, at the low end, can cos as much as $140,000 per hour; $300,000 per hour on average.” – Gartner

Customer deferred maintenance; is it worth the risk?

Days of unplanned outage or disaster can cause the following:

  • Workers idle or sent home
  • Customer orders delayed
  • Renting back up emergency generators
  • Recommissioning new substations
  • Utility fees
  • Insurance concerns

Deferred $3,200 in annual maintenance = $120K needed later in unplanned capital

Electrical Energy Experts does highly specialized work that is required to keep your electrical system in the most reliable condition. The combination of experience, equipment and customer service allows EEE to provide our customers with the finest electrical testing and maintenance services available at a fair prices.

Announcement of Our new Logo

Introducing Electrical Energy Experts, LLC (EEE) New Brand Identity

Our business has grown and evolved over the years, and we felt it was time for an update. We have refreshed our logo to reflect this change and to symbolize our future.

After careful consideration, we selected a new logo that reflects this future. A modern look that maintains our brand image to deliver excellent quality, performance, testing, and service support.



Timothy J Casey
Owner, President


Electrical Energy Experts is bringing
big data to the energy industry.

Electrical Energy Experts (EEE), an acclaimed leader in electrical testing of power systems with multiple recognized affiliations, enters into a partnership agreement with Verosoft Design Inc. (VSD), the creators of The Asset Guardian (TAG), worldwide recognized Independent Software Vendor (ISV) offering vertically-centered solutions.

This partnership will provide a collaborative software development environment in the Electrical Experts Vertical. Together we will focus on best-in-class electrical services testing platform. This launches a transformative journey towards a full CMMS solution perfectly suitable for today’s energy industry.

As we know, a large part of the global economy is directly linked to the energy industry. Any break related to a faulty electrical component in production can have catastrophic effects; from stockout to lost sales, as well as a decrease in customer confidence. In some cases, reliability can also have a direct impact on health and safety of the employees involved in the process. As a result, equipment availability and reliability is critical within this industry.

The combined effort of EEE and TAG tools open a new window of opportunity to transform customers as leaders of their market. The Portal Vision: EEE’s customer base will have access to every diagnostic result and complete history of their equipment. Data in real-time, accessible on any device, online and offline. All this information can then be formatted to personalized dashboard that will streamline decision-making and provide more predictability capacities to the maintenance and reliability managers. They will now act based on data, not on perception or intuition.

All things considered, the main objective is to fully integrate TAG logic and functionality into the EEE field and back office operations. Stay tuned for updates and release dates!

About the owner

Over the Company’s 25 years our Electrical Experts have seen it all! Experience matters.

Through this new partnership EEE will now be able to combine experience with data technology and deliver innovation in the measurement, analysis and predictably of power. Not only do our clients want this, they need it for reliability and long term growth. This is our future!

Tim Casey President, Owner EEE –
March 2, 2018

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