Electrical Energy Experts was formed in 1993 by a group of experienced test technicians, all of whom are journeyman electricians. Presently, there are over 9 technicians with a variety of experience ranging up to 25 years.
Expert Journeyman Electricians with over 20 years of testing in the field

NETA Level 3 and NETA Level 4
Certified Technicians

Technicians and Master Electrician’s Licenses

Highly Accredited
Electrical Engineers


We have worked on projects including low voltage (LV), medium voltage (MV), high voltage (HV), and extremely high voltage (EHV). Projects vary in scope and duration.
Some of the larger projects in the past few years include:

National management and environmental services and Renewable Energy company 75+ locations:

Acceptance and maintenance testing of co-generation facilities. This involved testing all electrical equipment, such as potential transformers, current transformers, circuit breakers, transformers and relays.

Results: Helped our customers produce over 550 megawatts of electricity annually, which is enough to power over 400,000 homes. This amount of energy is equivalent to offsetting a million tons of coal per year.

International Manufacturer:

Competitive Global Market requires executing a manufacturing strategy. Our customers’ ability to remain competitive is dependent upon its capability to develop and successfully introduce new innovative products quickly. Changes to the production line and additions of robotics and other equipment increases demand on power. Proactively testing and maintenance is vital to identifying issues to execute the strategy.

Results: Primary Switchgear and fuse switches are tested annually. This allows proactive repairs to be made while trouble shooting in substations for a large utility. Additional repairs monitoring parameters are instituted for legacy equipment. Our customer expects to ship between 200-250 thousand units to suppliers in 2018.

International Food & Beverage Processor and Distributor:

Emergency services call: An unplanned power outage brings production to a standstill. The food and ingredient process requires constant refrigeration. Emergency services are required on generators and compressors to keep production flowing.

Results: Quick response time with an Energy Expert onsite to isolate and repair the issue. Product is out the door and on the shelves.

Major Electrical
Contractor, Lake
Benton, MN

Acceptance testing and commissioning of a 250 unit wind farm.

Firm, Chicago, IL

Acceptance testing of all electrical equipment for one of their top five buildings in the world.

Firm, Portland, OR

Maintenance testing of all electrical equipment for a critical site.

Major Electrical
Chicago, IL

Testing and trouble shooting in substations for a large utility.

Steel Plate Rolling
Mill, Muscatine, IA

345 kV and 161 kV substation acceptance testing and commissioning.

Major Electrical
Contractor, Chicago, IL

Acceptance testing and commissioning of seven substations for a large utility.