Electrical Acceptance Testing


Electrical acceptance testing refers to a series of tests conducted to ensure that newly installed or modified electrical systems, equipment, or components meet the NETA standards. These tests are typically carried out before a system or equipment is put into service or accepted for operational use. Electrical acceptance testing is crucial for verifying that the electrical infrastructure is safe, reliable, and compliant with relevant codes and standards.


Electrical Energy Experts was awarded a NETA Acceptance Testing project for a 138kV Substation located in central Wisconsin. Our NETA certified technicians are passionate about working on high voltage switch gear and are excited to get started.

A significant part of the project is developing a comprehensive workflow plan targeted at minimizing disruption to the customer’s assembly line production. This workflow includes an extensive safety plan, Lock-Out-Tag-Out procedures, breaker de-energization shutdown sequences, the new work window and breaker re-energization.

  • Decommission two existing 138kV transformers.
  • Transferring customer load to a temporary 138kV transformer as the existing transformers are decommissioned one at time.
  • Acceptance Testing and Commissioning Assets
    • (2) new 70MVA 138kV / 13.2kV transformers.
    • (2) New 138kV Circuit Breakers
    • (31) SEL Relays
    • (25) Power Quality Meters



Our NETA Technicians are skilled in testing and commissioning high voltage equipment. Our team includes three full-time Professional Engineers (PEs), two of whom were hired from utility companies. With our in house office and field experts, we are fully equipped to handle all your medium and high voltage commissioning and testing needs.

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