Short Circuit / Coordination / Arc Flash Studies

NFPA 70B – Setting the Standard for Peak Performance and Safety   

NFPA 70B 2023 is the now the “Standard” for Electrical Equipment Maintenance. Chapter 6 and Annex A outline requirements for Single-Line Diagrams, Short Circuit Studies, Coordination Studies, and Incident Energy Analysis (Arc-Flash studies). These studies are the basis for safe and reliable electrical distribution systems and are recommended to be updated every 5 years. As municipalities and other governing bodies adopt this standard, comprehensive and periodic electrical maintenance will be the norm.  

Compliance with regulations offers many benefits:  

  • Enhanced Safety 
  • Improved System Performance 
  • Cost savings 

    Plan for the Cost of Maintenance Now or Pay the Price Later 

    Insurance companies may adopt NFPA 70B 2023 as part of their underwriting requirements. Failure to comply with the standard could result in higher premium costs, not to mention unexpected losses that regular maintenance prevents.  

    Up-to-date information is essential for reducing downtime and efficiency  

    Overcurrent protection evaluation and coordination studies are essential to the operation and safety of any electrical distribution system. The Overcurrent Protection Devices (OPD) need to be properly sized for its load, braced to handle anticipated fault current and coordinated with upstream and downstream OPD to clear any hazardous condition. Any changes to an electrical distribution system need to be evaluated by a licensed professional and incorporated into a new or existing study. By ensuring proper coordination, the study helps identify potential issues such as unnecessary equipment tripping, improper selectivity, or inadequate fault protection. Correcting these issues improves the overall performance and reliability of the electrical system, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency. 

    At EEE, we make it easy for our customers to get a coordination study done. We use existing or new single line diagrams from our customers and create an accurate representation of the electrical distribution system in the SKM PowerTools software. Then we provide a data request which will outline additional information needed to complete the study. Depending on our customers’ capabilities, they can gather the information, or we can use our NETA technicians to do it for them. Once the model is created, we analyze OPD’s trip curves and fault currents and recommend breaker settings for proper coordination. 

    Getting Ahead of the Game by Setting the Baseline 

    There are a multitude of benefits of having an SKM Model of the electrical distribution system, such as: 

    • Single Line Diagram Creation  
    • Short Circuit Studies 
    • Coordination Studies 
    • Incident Energy Analysis (Arc Flash Studies) 
    • Load Flow Analysis 
    • Voltage Drop Analysis 
    • Motor Starting Analysis 
    • Harmonic Distortion Analysis 
    • Electrical Distribution Maintenance 

    Our trained professionals can walk you through our various services or schedule an annual service inspection.

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